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We are that extra sales channel to 
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What We Add to your business!

As a craft maker, you wish to make your own designs in the way you have studied for years. But in order to have a good income you are forced to make products that are not exactly what you want. 

Then join Draumr. We are that extra sales channel to draw attention to your products. 

We believe in democratic decision-making, fair wages and environmental stewardship, and strive to create a culture of craftsmanship, creativity and social responsibility.

Let us introduce ourselves

Draumr is a company that promotes Dutch designers and makers. Draumr's mission is to enrich people's lives and their living environment with beautiful and functional objects. All made by talented makers in the Netherlands. Products, objects and furniture that are passed down from generation to generation to love and cherish.

Draumr uses the ideology of William Morris, who lived in the early 20th century. He influenced the interiors and work practices of his time by successfully founding the arts and crafts movement. We can summarize his approach in a single sentence. 
“Don't have anything in your home that you don't believe is useful or beautiful.”

For that reason, Draumr wants to ensure that consumers choose high-quality, beautifully designed items. So that they cherish and preserve their possessions for future generations. This is how we put an end to the 2 billion kilos of furniture that ends up in landfills in Europe every year.

Starting a community

We don't just want to be an online store. We want more, because we believe in collaboration between makers, interior designers and experts in marketing and sales. 

We strive to be a community where we learn from each other and where great collaborations arise. We want to meet periodically to share the latest trends and developments in the field of interior design. 

Who knows, you might be inspired by one of our makers and a great collaboration will result

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Our collaboration with craft makers aims to showcase and develop their crafts. We want to give the real craftsmanship of our makers a stage. For you as a maker, this also means an additional sales channel with a large number of visitors.

Would you like to give your craft a broader stage together with us? Then register below. 

We invite you for an introduction, because we would like to get to know you and hear your story. We work together with makers from all over the Netherlands. 
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