Richard FEnton - Founder

Richard’s first job was in Sheffield, Yorkshire, home to the Sheffield School of Art, recognised as having been one of the leading centres of the arts and crafts movement of over a hundred years ago.  Exposure to this style and concept, ever present in Sheffield,  created an interest that never went away for items that set the tone for interiors and those who made those items.

He opted to pursue a more realistic academic and career option. In what turned out to be a career in the automotive and high tech industries.  A busy and rewarding career in which Richard traveled the world and experienced life and friendships across the world. Eventually, happily settling down in the Netherlands with his wife and family.
Then in about 2015, when sitting at home with his wife and children, he realised, career wise, he craved more for himself. Traveling the world, working on his computer screen, working with fast developing abstract, complex technical/financial/legal issues were starting to have limited appeal.

He was in the fortunate position of being able to re-awaken his love and interest in the skilled, artisnal world of craft and combine it with the knowledge and experience of business career.

So began his adventure of finding and capturing the magic of well made furniture and home articles that have the ability to make homes  extra special for their owners.
What is your definition of handmade? What makers do is about process. It is a holistic approach with an intimate understanding of construction, joinery, material and finishes. Like a painter, where creativity is expressed through brush strokes - it is in the act of doing that discoveries are made. 

What’s wrong with the furniture industry Fast furniture that ends up in landfill. Antiques are a great option and can be paired with contemporary designs to bring history and dynamism into homes. If I had my way everyone’s homes would be made up of both high-quality furniture, pre-used and antique furniture. 

Where do you see Draumr going? From a young age I have seen the development of a strong and united Europe as being the challenge of my generation. Unfortunately its not going as planned. If Draumr could nudge this concept a little further on, it would be something to be proud of. 

Any superstitions around the way you work? I can’t begin work without having a pen from MUJI.