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Bowl in maple wood from the Boeschoten estate1

Bowl in maple wood from the Boeschoten estate1

Blaauw Hout

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In order to keep the forest on the.Boeschoten estate healthy, space had to be created to give young trees a chance to develop. A number of sugar maple trees were felled. Blaauw Hoed decided to process one of the trunks directly and let the rest of the wood "fade". Blauw Hoed's trunk was taken to be dried for over a year, in their own dryer, and then carefully worked in to make this bowl. 

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Materials & Process

Maple wood

Dimensions & weight

Width: 23 cm


Depth: 8 cm


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Care Instructions

It is not necessary to re-oil the piece. Keep dust free with a lint free cloth.

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about the maker

Blaauw Hout

Bordering nature a reserve “the Ilperveld”, Rik Blaauw and his company Blaauw Hout manufacture wooden bowls from tree trunks in an artisanal crafted way. "I am involved in the whole process from tree to product. It is beautiful to see how with every step the story of the tree comes more to life."

After studying at the Design Academy Eindhoven, Rik started a workshop where material, story and craft are central. "The trees I work with have their own history. One stood along the train track, tanther comes from someone's backyard. Because of this, no product is the same."

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