Draumr is a space where independent makers can exhibit their creative work on line and at ad-hoc exhibitions. It's aim is to help clients imagine living with, using and appreciating what has gone into making each of the makers'works.

Draumr was founded by Richard Fenton. Who, although initially came to the Netherlands to work in sales and marketing for international corporations, always hungered for involvement in purely creative companies. His first step in the direction was to work  as an agent for some small creative, growing companies from Germany, the UK and Finland.

However, in time, Richard developed and fine tuned his attention to provide a platform for independent makers and started, with some colleagues and friends, Draumr, which he has worked to develop since 2020.

To learn more about Richard and his background, visit his bio.

Press FAQ

Why did you start the company?

We’ve always believed that has always been a disconnect between the world of quality artisanal workers, particularly furniture makers, and the people who aspire to use and collect their works. To close that gap, we created Draumr. We're here to connect interior designers and collectors with the most talented artisans in the Netherlands.

What problem are you solving?

We have always believed that the quality of furniture is more important than bargain prices or convenience. Fortunately, there is a growing shift in this direction. People no longer want to buy cheap furniture that falls apart after a few years. There is now a desire to seek out talented makers who produce furniture that will last longer than any of us. Furniture with a story that resonates and fulfills aspirations for individual uniqueness. That's why we're here. We aim to be a resource that buyers can easily find, trust, and use to purchase furniture and specialized interior articles.

Do you have a specific style?

Draumr is bigger than just one specific style. We prefer to hold value in meticulous attention to detail and impressive craft skills. As long as those boxes get ticked, then we give our artisans the freedom to express whatever style captures their imagination. The work is better for it.

How do you curate the collections?

We think that a home should be filled with objects that give meaning. We choose our artisans based on this ethos. Each artisan finds their own wonderful balance between design, construction techniques, material and the talent to execute them meticulously. We choose a range of aesthetics to add dimension to each collection; from quiet and traditional to sculptural and maximalist works.

Do you accept commission work?

Yes, we do. You can simply get in touch with us, and we’ll connect you with the right artisan for the task. For further details please click here.

Where are you located?

Our offices are based in Overveen near Haarlem. We have a show room which can be visited by appointment in Zaandam. We plan to attend some exhibitions in the Netherlands during the course of the year.

Why is the website only in English?

Our experience of the practicalities, for our dynamic site, of ensuring the quality and accuracy of text in more that one language are beyond our resources. We are targeting a pan-European audience and offer to translate any specific text into Dutch on tequest.

How do I purchase from Draumr?

We have n webshop with an inventory of handcrafted furniture, ready to ship. As well as a group of artisans who are open to commission work through Draumr. Click here to go to the webshop.