Restoring the connection between makers and users.

our vision

connecting interior dreamers with talented makers.

We take a modest commision, the majority of the profit from each sale goes directly to the maker's pocket.

our mission

 We aim to combine the principles of William Morris and the Donut Economy to produce high-quality, beautifully designed products.  We believe in democratic decision-making, fair wages, and environmental stewardship, and strive to create a culture of craftsmanship, creativity, and social responsibility.

Why the name?

The name means “Dream” in old Norse. It was chosen at the start, when the company had a strong Scandinavian flavour with two of the three founders being Scandinavian. The name encapsulated our aspiration of making living and working lives across Europe better.  Although the Norwegian and Swede have left, the dream remains and “Draumr” matches what we’re doing. To quote Nelson Mandela: “A winner is a dreamer who never gives up.”

Show room

By appointment only. Visit our show room in Zaandam. Contact info@draumr.eu

Personal service

Products, makers and materials selected with personal attention.

selected makers

Exceptional Nederlands based makers. 

Meet Our Team


Chris Bijnsdorp

Digital partner

Martijn Voorhout

Visual communication  and press

Richard Fenton

Founder - Sales