Making a crafted product just for you

Discover the work of our makers and their stories, inspiring you to create a unique item made just for you. From a dream cabinet for your living room to a thoughtful gift for someone special. We offer you a personalised experience that allows you to discover the work and materials of our makers and see the possibilities of craftsmanship.

 Browse our carefully curated and growing range of made-to-order furniture, ceramics and textiles in our shop. 

If you have an idea for a unique item, follow these steps to make your idea a reality.

Step 1: Make contact

Fill in the form at the bottom of this page to share your idea with us. We will contact you for a virtual appointment where we can go through your request and discuss the possibilities of your idea with you. Think about the different options for size, colour, or finish of your item. What you choose is up to you, but we are here to use our experience to make your idea as concrete as possible.

Step 2: Defining the Work

We always really enjoy seeing an inspiration image or reference to help us bring an idea to life. This is especially valuable for custom orders. Maybe you have torn a page out of a magazine or created your own Pinterest board. Send anything you have, no matter how small. Based on this, we can suggest one of our makers, materials or a process that best suits you and your style. Then we can start defining a creative brief.

Step 3: The Making & Delivery Process

Once the bespoke brief or custom-order is confirmed, we take a 50% deposit and production begins. We will keep you fully informed of your order and manage it right through to delivery. For certain bespoke commissions there may also be the opportunity to visit the maker’s studio or arrange a virtual appointment to see aspects of the piece being made - providing a real and personal window into the making of your unique item. Once complete, your item will be delivered to your preferred address within the agreed time frame and on budget.
If you want to send us a document with examples or extra info, please send it to support@draumr.nl.