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Flat Storage

Flat Storage

Chris Ruhe

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An interesting, distinctive and attractive way to organise storage. A range of spaces, hidden but accessible. Designed to be assembled by any trained carpenter at the client. The standard Amsteldijk version is shown here but adaptions can be made to fit into specific locations or to accommodate special furniture such as a TV screen.

The cupboard is mounted on the wall using hook slats. A large sheet is sent by the maker with all the required holes marked. The cabinet will then easily attache dto the wall using the supplied screws and plugs.

The exact dimensions of the cupboard can be adapted to the requirements. 

Delivery time: 12 weeks

Materials & Process

Painted MDF

Dimensions & weight

"made to order" and Bespoke orders: Once the details have been discussed and agreed upon, 50% of the final price will be paid by the customer. The second 50% to be paid on the delivery of the finished product.

Width: 240 cm

Height: 240 cm

Depth: 27 cm


Shipping & Returns

Where available the costs of delivery will be displayed to you on the site during the check-out process. We chose the most appropriate shipping method for each product. Please note that in each case the cost of delivery will be added to the total you are required to pay us for the product.

Delivery time: At the time of pacing the order we will give, as accurately as possible, a delivery time.

Care Instructions

Dust lightly with a dry cloth or use a damp cloth when necessary. Please don’t use any abrasive cleaners.

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Draumr Portret Chris Ruhe

about the maker

Chris Ruhe

Chris was  born in 1976 in Rotterdam and studied at the HMC in Amsterdam.  After school, he  started his own atelier and where he still works on his own projects and ideas. This Gelderland based furniture maker who, through material inventiveness and curiosity,  includes something unique and fun in his work with a focus on the basic materials. His works are perfectly made but a bit illogical at first sight. Creating tension in the object keeps it fascinating.

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