Beyond Beige: Sustainable Homes with Soul.

Draumr, was founded on the simple belief that we all dream of creating a beautiful and comfortable home, a space that reflects our personality, values and fosters a sense of well-being. But in today’s fast paced world, its easy to lose sight of the impact our design choices have on the environment and the people who make the things we bring into our homes.

 We champion sustainable home design

To meet these aspirations we champion sustainable home design, a key concept in our approach is Material Intelligence.  A phrase coined by the design critic Glenn Adamson, Material Intelligence goes beyond simply choosing eco-friendly materials, it’s about cultivating a deeper understanding and appreciation for the materials and people shaping the living space we work with. 

Why is Material Intelligence Important?

Here are a few reasons why Material Intelligence matters:

  • Informed Choices: Understanding the environmental impact of different materials empowers you to make conscious choices. Are those trendy cabinets made from fast-growing, sustainably harvested wood, or resource-intensive rainforest timber? Knowing the difference allows you to choose wisely.
  • Quality Over Quantity: Material Intelligence encourages a shift towards appreciating well-crafted, durable pieces. Investing in a hand-built table from a local craftsperson using sustainable materials is a far cry from mass-produced furniture likely destined for a landfill.
  • Respect for Craft: By understanding the skill and knowledge required to work with different materials, you gain a newfound appreciation for the artisans and craftspeople who bring your sustainable home vision to life. Look for different qualities of the 2nd hand objectives on offer.

Material Intelligence in Action:

Here's how you can cultivate Material Intelligence in your own home:

  • Research Before You Buy: Don't just pick the first pretty piece you see! Research the materials used, their origin, and the environmental impact of their production.
  • Embrace Second-Hand Finds: Vintage furniture often boasts superior craftsmanship and timeless design. Giving pre-loved pieces a new life extends their lifespan and adds a touch of character to your home. (see: Whoppah – site for 2nd hand design, re-living for vintage stile, catawiki – auction site)
  • Support Local Craftspeople: Connect with local artisans who use sustainable materials and traditional techniques. This not only supports your community but allows you to learn about the materials and the process behind your furniture. As Vanessa Horig, one of the makers at Draumr, so beautifully says, “I am most inspired by the material itself, the wood; the colours, the story, the way it behaves, the versatility it offers and the impact it can have if treated properly.”
  • Learn About Material Care: Understanding how to properly care for your furniture extends its lifespan. Natural materials like wood or wool often require specific cleaning and maintenance techniques.

Building a Sustainable Future, One Home at a Time:

Material Intelligence isn't just about acquiring knowledge; it's about fostering a mindful approach to creating a sustainable home. By making informed choices, appreciating quality craftsmanship, and supporting ethical practices, we can collectively create a future where beautiful homes exist in harmony with a healthy planet.

Ready to take the first step?

Explore our curated marketplace featuring local craftspeople who prioritize sustainable materials and ethical production. Browse our blog for more tips on sustainable living and design inspiration. Together, let's cultivate Material Intelligence and build beautiful homes that are good for you and the Earth!

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