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Tulip Vases

Tulip Vases

Sarah Michael

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A choice of two designs, one shown in Lisse's Museum during the tulip season.


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Materials & Process

Two teared tulip vases all hand thrown pieces made of stoneware. Then when leather hard the pieces are assembled together. When the clay is bone dry i paint them using under glaze colours and then they are biscuit fired to around 1000 degrees centigrade. Then i coat then in a gloss transparent glaze and they are fired again to 1200 degrees. This means that they are completely water proof for using as a vase! They also get a third firing to around 750 degrees with the additions of gold and silver lusters. The lusters can’t be fired with the glaze because it would burn away at that high temperature and as it consists of real gold and silver and is linked with the gold and silver prices it would be a bit of an expensive waste!

Dimensions & weight


Height: 46 cm

Depth: 40 cm

Weight: 1200 g

Shipping & Returns

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Care Instructions

Hand wash in warm soapy water.

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Draumr Sarah Michaels at work

about the maker

Sarah Michael

Sarah studied art in Liverpool, travelled the world, met her husband to be and settled down in De Zilk.

Where, after several years working as a potter for others and, under the influence of the Dutch potter Wim Borst, Sarah started to express and develop her distinctive work. The resulting colourful stone ware and porcelain are vehicles for Sarah to express her humour, but also with necessary thought provoking undertones.

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